Incus CD27 Short in the U.K.

Steve Beresford/Dennis Palmer/Bob Stagner/ Roger Turner

Steve Beresford, keyboards, small trumpet; Dennis Palmer, synthesizers, voice; Bob Stagner, drums, percussion; Roger Turner, drums, percussion.

The pencil - a history (09.04), Trees without dogs (00.33), Our world as we know it (05.24), Name without a street (00.13), Bulldog eating a wasp [Waspers] (14.42), Matzoh spectacles [thank you Lol Coxhill] (01.27), Earthling-a-ding (03.39), Faster than $ sound (11.23), Standing on a whale (05.53), Fearing puffins (05.03).

Recorded at The Place, London in July 1994; Our world as we know it recorded in concert at the Incus Records night.

Painting (reproduced above) Pink polka-dot. P40. Pup by Dennis Palmer.

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