Incus CD 31 Takes fakes & dead she dances

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, acoustic guitar by Henner Hardenberger; Gibson 175 electric guitar included on track 10, recitation on track 10.

  1. Notts (13.11)
  2. tba (02.10)
  3. One damned thing... (03.12)
  4. Opening title (01.57)
  5. ...after another (02.32)
  6. It goes in, out, round, about (03.13)
  7. This title and the following title (02.09)
  8. Should be reversed (03.55)
  9. Rabbit as seen by dog (01.37)
  10. Dead she dances (07.32)
Tracks 1 and 10 recorded at a solo concert given at Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham on 24 September 1997; Dead she dances is from Distant points, a book of poems by Peter Riley. Tracks 2-9 recorded in London in May 1997 and produced by Steve Beresford.

Design and layout (front cover reproduced above) by Karen Brookman.

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