Incus CD 33 Registered firm

Hession/Wilkinson/Fell + Morris

Paul Hession, drumset; Alan Wilkinson, alto and baritone saxophones; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Joe Morris, guitar.

  1. Registered firm (01.20)
  2. Bows and buttons (13.07)
  3. Spaceships are crap (04.22)
  4. "You do mean Grouch Marx, don't you?" (01.53)
  5. The Delius myth (14.02)
  6. "If I've offended anyone, I apologize (12.35)
  7. Piece of fish (06.07)
Recorded at The Blizzard Condition, Leeds on 14 June 1996.

Design and layout (front cover reproduced above) by SHF.

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