Incus CD35 Post improvisation 2: air mail special

Derek Bailey/Han Bennink

Derek Bailey, acoustic guitar; Han Bennink, drums.
    Thirteen tracks, no titles:
  1. (04.08)
  2. (01.00)
  3. (01.19)
  4. (01.24)
  5. (02.57)
  6. (03.14)
  7. (02.45)
  8. (01.31)
  9. (02.03) an mp3 version of this track can be downloaded
  10. (05.51)
  11. (04.29)
  12. (06.49)
  13. (04.29)
In early 1999, Derek Bailey and Han Bennink discussed over the phone the idea of exchanging practice tapes for each other to play with. Out of this arose two CDs, Incus CD 34 and this CD. On this CD, Derek recorded acoustic guitar at various locations in Downs Road in summer 1999 and Han recorded over these in the BIMhuis. The earlier CD was recorded first and had worked in the opposite direction, Han recording first.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Karen Brookman.

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