Incus CD42/43 Epiphany


Ursula Oppens, piano; Fred Frith, electric guitar, live electronics, percussion; George Lewis, trombone; Anne Le Baron, harp; Akio Suzuki, glass harmonica, analopos, spring gong, kikkokikiriki; Julie Tippetts, acoustic guitar, voice, flute; Moto Yoshizawa, bass; Keith Tippett, piano; Phil Wachsmann, violin, electronics; Derek Bailey, acoustic and electric guitars.

Incus CD42:

  1. Epiphany, a continuous piece on which all the musicians play (48.11)
Incus CD43: Ephiphanies, shorter pieces played by smaller groupings of the same musicians
  1. First: Ursula Oppens/Moto Yoshizawa (15.12)
  2. Second: Julie Tippetts, Phil Wachsmann, Derek Bailey (08.05)
  3. Third: Fred Frith/George Lewis/Akio Suzuki/Moto Yoshizawa/Derek Bailey (10.45)
  4. Fourth: (sextet) Anne Le Baron/Keith Tippett/Phil Wachsmann/Moto Yoshizawa/Akio Suzuki/Ursula Oppens (08.50)
  5. Fifth: Phil Wachsmann/Keith Tippett/George Lewis/Anne Le Baron/Ursula Oppens/Akio Suzuki/Julie Tippetts (06.20)
  6. Sixth: Moto Yoshizawa/Akio Suzuki/Derek Bailey (18.26)
Recorded at the ICA, London between June 29 and July 3 1982.

Production by Derek Bailey and Evan Parker.

Cover design and typography by Karen Brookman.

Originally issued on LP as Incus 46/47.

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