Incus EP1 AMM at the Roundhouse


Lou Gare, tenor saxophone; Eddie Prévost, drums.

The twins, Leonine aspect.

Recorded at the Roundhouse, London in August 1972.

The front cover text runs as follows:

'One of the prime functions of AMM is to try and realise the objectivity of music. Basically all music is subjective (personal), but sound is objective (measureable) [sic], and it is only through sound, by listening, that we can arrive at the reality of music. In this way an audience is absolutely vital to an AMM improvisation. We have to constantly test the music and ourselves in the light of the close scrutiny which an audience places the performer. The audience provides the listening capacity into which we place our sounds, and we try to complete and expand this capacity which completes and expands ourselves at the same time. We play for the listeners, and we accept and respond to the influence that they have upon us and the music. Without an audience, no matter how small, this music would not exist; at least not on the same scale and with the same beauty and intensity as it does when brought out by an audience.'

The back cover text runs as follows:

'This is one of the earliest recordings of the duo and was made at the 'ICES' festival in August 1972. The music is a continuous segment of the longer performance that took place, the slower part following on after an AMM silence.

The duo came into being early in 1972. However, the origins of AMM go back to 1965 when Gare and Prévost together with guitarist Keith Rowe began to make AMM Music. Later Cornelius Cardew joined and these four were the mainstay of the group until late '71.

The meaning of the letters AMM has been the source of much speculation. They serve the players by reminding them of the early ideas of the group. An interesting attempt at guessing their meaning came from one of the audience after a concert in New York (Nov. '71). He said that the name must be 'Audacis Musicae Magistri'.

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