Concert in Milwaukee

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, guitar solo.

8E, 21A, 15E, 9A.

Recorded 31 March 1983 at Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, Winsconsin, USA.

This is a private issue, not officially released on Incus or any other label. However, it is a 'semi-official' cassette, made available under the following circumstances.

In 1983 Derek Bailey was due to visit Japan for a concert tour and decided to take with him, for sale at the concerts, a cassette recorded live in Milwaukee. Approximately 500 cassettes were prepared and dispatched to the promoter in Japan but, in the event, the tour fell through and the cassettes were returned to England. On arriving to collect the two boxes containing the cassettes from the Post Office Derek found that they were badly damaged and, having to pay to re-gain them, decided to collect only one of the parcels. The salvagable cassettes - number not known, but probably around 150 - were subsequently sold at other live dates. All are produced on a light-grey plastic cassette body with 'CONCERT IN MILWAUKEE, DEREK BAILEY' plus date of concert, printed in light-blue directly on the cassette body. The cassette insert is as presented above, with the number DBC2 (no number on cassette itself).

In 2011 the cassette was transferred digitally and issued on Incus CD for the first time.

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