in situ 037 Michel Doneda/Daunik Lazro/Lê Quan Ninh

Michel Doneda, soprano saxophone; Daunik Lazro, alto saxophone; Lê Quan Ninh, percussion.

Thillana (01.10), Paradi, parada; jelenia polska (04.50), Le chien à trois têtes (05.27), Eos III (14.50), Lune de quatre heures (07.40), Prespansko (04.22), Le souverain jaune (09.26), Hydrelerne (06.45).

Recorded 26 January 1988 at Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy.

Graphic design (reproduced above) by Toffe; drawing Ronald Curchod.

Previously released on LP as Concert public on the Vand'Oeuvre label (VDO 8903).

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