Intakt 041 Ode

London Jazz Composers' Orchestra

Barry Guy, bass, composer; Buxton Orr, conductor; Harry Beckett, trumpet; Dave Holdsworth, trumpet; Marc Charig, cornet; Paul Rutherford, trombone; Mike Gibbs, trombone; Paul Nieman, trombone; Dick Hart, tuba; Howard Riley, piano; Derek Bailey, guitar; Trevor Watts, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone; Mike Osborne, alto saxophone; Bernhard Living, alto saxophone; Alan Wakeman, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone; Bob Downes, flute, tenor saxophone; Karl Jenkins, baritone saxophone, oboe; Jeff Clyne, bass; Chris Laurence, bass; Tony Oxley, percussion; Paul Lytton, percussion.

  1. Part I: Introduction - The end - Edgar Ende, 1931 (08.58)
  2. Part II: Strophe I - Memory of the future - Oscar Dominguez, 1939 (08.56)
  3. Part III: Antistrophe I - Exact sensibility - Oscar Dominguez, 1935 (14.11)
  4. Part IV: Strophe II - Indefinite indivisibility - Yves Tanguy, 1942 (23.44)
  5. Part V: Antistrophe II - According to the laws of chance - Jean Arp, 1917 (10.56)
  6. Part VI: Epôde - Presence of mind- René Magritte, 1958 (19.00)
  7. Part VII: Coda - Melancholy departure - Georgio de Chirico, 1916 (11.48)
Recorded on 22 April 1972 in Oxford Town Hall at the English Bach Festival.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Peter Frey.

Previously released as Incus 6/7. For this release, there has been a return to the order as composed in 1970 and Part VII, missing from the Incus 2LP set has been restored.

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