Intakt CD 060 Roots and wires

Koch-Schütz-Studer/DJ M. Singe/DJ I-Sound

Hans Koch, bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophone, electronics, sequencer; Martin Schütz, electric 5-string cello, acoustic cello, electronics, sequencer; Fredy Studer, drums, percussion; DJ M. Singe, turntables; DJ I-Sound, turntables.

  1. The background is the foreground then delirium (09.30)
  2. Thai speed parade (11.56)
  3. First class scenario (01.36)
  4. Loop eleven (09.46)
  5. Dread bread (09.03)
  6. Could fun be the bright side of fear? (03.49)
  7. G-string montuno [dedicated to Chano Pozo] (03.39)
  8. Notausstieg II (08.12)
  9. Tonschlaufenumarmung (11.03)

Recorded 25/26/27 August 1998 at Watermill Studio, Brübach/Henau, Switzerland.

Graphic concept (front cover reproduced above) by Velvet Creative Office, Lucerne.

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