Intakt 077 The silence behind each cry: suite for Urs Voerkel

Omri Ziegele Billiger Bauer

Omri Ziegele, saxophone, badlyrics; Peter Landis, saxophone; Christoph Gantert, trumpet; Hans Anliker, trombone; Gabriela Friedl, piano; Herbert Kramis, double bass; Jan Schlegel, electric bass; Marco Käppeli, drums; Dieter Ulrich, drums, bugle.

    The silence behind each cry
  1. The silence behind each cry (05.23)
  2. Misspelled fortune (16.56)
  3. Who's been gone and what is left (13.37)
  4. Echoes of R.C. (09.48)
Recorded 31 May and 1/2 June 2001 at Radio Studio DRS, Zürich.

Cover art (reproduced above) Bleu by Gérard Tolck.

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