Intakt CD 094 Life tied


Hans Koch, reeds, electronics; Martin Schütz, electric 5-string cello, acoustic cello, electronics; Fredy Studer, drums, percussion.

  1. No time for dinner (04.10)
  2. In drei akten (10.14)
  3. The burning tongue (08.44)
  4. Last rubber (06.53)
  5. Life tied (06.43)
  6. Comes and gones (05.37)
  7. The whispering and hammering ritual (07.36)
  8. Vom verschwinden (06.21)

Recorded live at Biennale, Venice, Italy (September 2003), Expo 02, Murten Switzerland (May 2002), Théàltre de Poche Biel/Bienne, Switzerland (October 2001) and Tonic, NYC (March 2003).

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Moxi Ltd/Christoph Lanz.

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