Intakt CD 108 First choice: piano solo KKL Luzern

Irène Schweizer

Irène Schweizer, piano.

  1. First choice (19.18)
  2. Into the Hall of Fame (09.49)
  3. The ballad of the sad café (03.57)
  4. Scratching at the KKL (05.51)
  5. The loneliness of the long distance piano player (04.49)
  6. Oska T. (03.12)
  7. Jungle beats II (03.22)
Recorded at Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern, KKL Luzern on 8 October 2005.

Cover photograph of KKL Luzern (reproduced above) by Francesca Pfeffer; graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

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