Intakt CD 111 Sequel (for Lester Bowie)

George Lewis

George Lewis, trombone, laptop, Buchla Lightning; Guillermo E. Brown, drums, percussion, electronics; Duo 48nord [Ulrich Müller, guitar, laptop; Siegfried Rössert, bass, voice, laptop]; Miya Masaoka, koto, laptop, electronics; Kaffe Matthews, electronics; DJ Mutamassik, turntables; Jeff Parker, electric guitar.

  1. Sequel, a composition for cybernetic improvisers (For Lester Bowie) (33.46)
  2. Calling all cyborgs (After Sun Ra) (10.06)
  3. Tuning meditation (06.37)
  4. Octavia's dream (14.01)
Track 1 recorded at public dress rehearsal at SWR Studio 1, Baden-Baden, tracks 2 and 4 recorded at the concerts at Zehntscheuer, Rotterdam, and track 3 at Gare du Nord, Basel, all November 2004.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Jonas Schoder.

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