Intakt CD 132 Unsquare

Maybe Monday

Fred Frith, electric guitar; Miya Masaoka, 25-string koto, electronics; Larry Ochs, tenor and sopranino saxophones; Gerry Hemingway, drums, percussion, voice; Carla Kihlstedt, electric and acoustic violins; Ikue Mori, electronics; Zeena Parkins, electric harp, electronics.

  1. G (14.46)
  2. Nitrogen (14.07)
  3. Saptharishi mandalam (07.52)
  4. Septentrion (06.17)
  5. Unturned (17.21)

Recorded on 18 November 2006 at East Side Sound, New York City.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Emilie Clark; graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

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