Intakt CD 155 Still urban

Fred Frith/Arte Quartett

Beat Hofstetter, soprano saxophone; Sascha Armbruster, alto saxophone; Andrea Formenti, sopranino and tenor saxophone; Beat Kappeler, baritone and alto saxophone; Fred Frith, electric guitar.

  1. Still urban part 1: Landscape with or without edges (07.55)
  2. Still urban part 2: Door won't open, door won't close (03.02)
  3. Still urban part 3: Nervous when I turned (06.48)
  4. Still urban part 4: Family ties (06.03)
  5. Still urban part 5: Science to someone living (04.18)
  6. Still urban part 6: Glass and mirror cut to size (06.39)
  7. Still urban part 7: Everywhere hastily we followed (02.59)
  8. Still urban part 8: Two blinkings of an eyelid (01.27)
  9. Still urban part 9: Near future faith (07.20)

Recorded January 2008 at Swiss Radio DRS 2, Zurich.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Heike Liss; graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

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