Intakt CD 158 Radio rondo/Schaffhausen concert

Barry Guy/London Jazz Composers' Orchestra/Irène Schweizer

Barry Guy, bass, director; Irène Schweizer, piano; Evan Parker, reeds; Mats Gustafsson, reeds; Trevor Watts, reeds; Simon Picard, reeds; Peter McPhail, reeds; Conrad Bauer, trombone; Johannes Bauer, trombone; Alan Tomlinson, trombone; Henry Lowther, trumpet; Herb Robertson, trumpet; Rich Laughlin, trumpet; Per Åke Holmlander, tuba; Phil Wachsmann, violin; Barre Phillips, bass; Paul Lytton, percussion; Lucas Niggli, percussion.

  1. Schaffhausen concert [IS] (15.25)
  2. Radio rondo (30.01)
Recorded on 21 May 2008 at Schaffhauser Jazzfestival, Switzerland.

Cover art (reproduced above) and graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

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