Intakt CD 163 Void coordinates

Elliott Sharp/Carbon

Elliott Sharp, 8-string guitarbass, guitar, soprano saxophone, electronics; Zeena Parkings, electric harp; Marc Sloan, electric bass, prepared bass; Joseph Trump, drums, percussion; David Weinstein, sampler, synthesizer.

  1. The younger Dryas (08.13)
  2. Eukaryonic (09.26)
  3. Caldron (05.05)
  4. Eskatones (06.17)
  5. Fermion (08.44)
  6. Index of minerals (06.06)
  7. Holoscene (09.14)
  8. Hypercubus (09.00)

Recorded July 2009 at Loho Studio, NYC and Studio zOaR, NYC.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Shigdig; booklet design by Jonas Schoder.

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