Intakt CD 190 Songs for Kommeno (CD + book)

Günter Baby Sommer/Savina Yannatou/Floros Floridis/Evgenios Voulgaris/Spilios Kastanis

Günter Baby Sommer, drums, percussion, director; Savina Yannatou, voice; Floros Floridis, soprano saxophoe, clarinet, bass clarinet; Evgenios Voulgaris, yali tanbur, oud; Spilios Kastanis, bass.

  1. Tears (10.53)
  2. Lost ring (05.23)
  3. Andartes (07.33)
  4. Marias Miroloi (18.11)
  5. Arachthos (04.37)
  6. Lullaby (04.17)
  7. Children song (05.56)
  8. Kommeno today (05.47)
Recorded and mixed between March 2011 and April 2012 by Kulturradio vom rbb (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg).

Cover art (reproduced above) and graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

This is a combination of a CD with a 152-page softback book in Greek, German and English in a slip case.

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