Intakt 225 Fresh juice

Objets trouvés

Gabriela Friedli, piano; Co Streiff, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone; Jan Schlegel, electric bass; Dieter Ulrich, drums, bugle.

  1. Gesang der nacht (19.59)
  2. Terris hut (05.25)
  3. Weisser zwerg (08.28)
  4. Equilibre tendu (07.40)
  5. Faden der Ariadne (10.30)
  6. Straying horn (05.44)
Recorded on 4/5 November 2011 at Maiers Theater, Zürich.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Franz Rindlisbacher and Gerry Amstutz; graphic design by Jonas Schoder.

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