Jazzwerkstatt JW004 Smell a rat

Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band

Heinz Becker, trumpet, flugelhorn; Conrad Bauer, trombone; Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, alto saxophone, clarinet; Manfred Hering, alto saxophone, clarinet; Helmut Forsthoff, tenor saxophone; Ulrich Gumpert, piano; Klaus Koch, bass; Günter Sommer, drums.

  1. Blues for I.M. (05.08)
  2. Baryschna/The fugitive (07.26)
  3. Marcia funebre (11.11)
  4. Smell a rat (06.03)
  5. Ode an Marul (06.32)
  6. The pursuit (17.01)
  7. Nicht gewollt (05.45)
  8. Hymne (04.18)
Recorded at Rias/Studio 10, Berlin.

Cover painting (reproduced above) by Chris Hinze.

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