Jazzwerkstatt JW017 Sleeping with the enemy

Daniel Erdmann/Jonas Westergaard/Samuel Rohrer

Daniel Erdmann, saxophone; Jonas Westergaard, double bass; Samuel Rohrer, drums.

  1. She had us captured, but now we're free again (08.35)
  2. Ends here, starting now (05.31)
  3. Insomnia (05.12)
  4. Eat my shorts (04.30)
  5. Waltz (04.40)
  6. Bülent (04.03)
  7. The island of hope (02.58)
  8. Jan Koller (04.23)
Recorded at Radiostudio Zurich, Switzerland on 4/5 September 2006.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by Max Beckmann; design by Klaus Untiet.

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