JHM 1005 SER Stadtgarten series vol. 5

Various artists

Härte 10 [Mike Herting, keyboards, vocals; Valerie Kohlmetz, percussion, vocals, electronics; Frank Köllges, drums, vocals, electronics]: Fat cat scat (03.36), Digit has a splendid time (06.54), Fool on the hill (03.56). Recorded 6 June 1991

Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone: Xanthippe II (05.08), Circulus II (03.33). Recorded 20 January 1991.

Drümmele Maa [Christoph Haberer, drums, electronics; Stephan Bauer, vibes, marimba; Ramesh Shotham, percussion]: Tommeln und ... (09.44), Meet me in Nairobi (03.41). Recorded 13 January 1991.

Panaudium [Ali Maurer, violin, keyboards; Kim Jovy, tenor saxophone, flute]: 12 ton marsch (04.49), Groove mit (05.00). Recorded 13 September 1991.

Blau Frontal [Roger Hanschel, soprano saxophone; Hans Lüdemann, piano; Rainer Linke, bass]: UP (07.02), Terz (05.47). Recorded 1 October 1991.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Roy Herbst.

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