j.n.d. re-records 004 F.ictional L.ies O.n R.ight O.ccasions II

Floros Floridis

Babis Papadopoulos, electric and acoustic guitars, loops, effects; Floros Floridis, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet.

  1. Rough options (03.48)
  2. Lullaby for a dragon (06.45)
  3. Jammin' flees (06.49)
  4. As I (07.48)
  5. Talking lines (01.51)
  6. Folk etc (06.52)
  7. Hommage to Tin Pan Alley (02.01)
  8. Fearless guys (09.28)
  9. Walking on the edge (09.09)*
  10. Smoothing (09.44)
* The CD also contains an mpeg video compressing the recording of the CD - arrival at the harbour, making music, listening to playback, eating, the journey home - to the soundtrack of track 9. The video work is by Jeanine Meerapfel.

Recorded 21-28 January 2003 at The Mill, Hydra, Greece.

Cover painting (reproduced above) by Floros Floridis.

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