Kilogram Records 020 Last train to the first station

Reed Trio

Mikolaj Trzaska, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone; Ken Vandermark, tenor saxophone, clarinet, baritone saxophone; Waclaw Zimpel, clarinet, bass clarinet, tarogato.
  1. When tulips were gold (05.03)
  2. In between chairs (04.39)
  3. Sitting on a warm stone [MT solo] (04.57)
  4. Crossroads and cosmic ray [KV/WZ] (04.37)
  5. Anthology moves (04.22)
  6. Two men talking through a window [MT/WZ] (03.51)
  7. The distance that becomes you [KV] (05.18)
  8. Bed of brass [KV/MT] (04.47)
  9. It's here and it's gone [WZ] (08.24)
  10. All the glasses upside down (03.51)
  11. The wasted sea (03.51)
Recorded live at New Synagog, Gdansk, Poland on 27 April 2010.

Cover design (front cover reproduced above) by Macio.

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