Dossier ST 7529 Forward of short leg

Jon Rose

Musicians as indicated on individual tracks:

  1. Slawterhaus Band [JR; Michael Tinney, bass guitar; Jon Gillies, drums]: In the covers (01.46); Sydney 1983
  2. The Relative Band '84 [JR; Jim Denley, flute; flax; Luc Houtkamp, tenor saxophone; Marcel Cuypers, piano; Roger Turner, percussion; Maggie Nicols, voice; Richard Ratajczak, bass]: Third man (02.57); Sydney 1984.
  3. Slawterhaus Band [JR; Michael Tinney, bass guitar; Jon Gillies, drums]: Square of deep (02.59); Sydney 1983
  4. JR, 19-string electric violin; Paul Rutherford, trombone; Roger Turner, percussion: Backward of point (04.34); London 1981
  5. The Relative Band '84: Second slip (01.49); Sydney 1984
  6. JR, cello; Elliott Sharp, guitar/bass; Wayne Horvitz, keyboards: Square leg (05.58); New York City 1986
  7. JR, 19-string cello; David Moss, voice: On the boundary (02.22); Mainz 1985
  8. JR, 19-string cello; David Moss, voice: First slip (02.22); Basel 1985
  9. JR, violin; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Barry Guy, double bass; John Russell, guitar: Long on (02.57); London 1980
  10. JR, violin; Eugene Chadbourne, fender plunger: Mid off (00.41); Chicago 1986
  11. Dense Band [David Moss, voice, percussion; Fred Frith, guitar; Tenko, voice; Wayne Horvitz, keyboards; Christian Marclay, turntables; Jim Meneses, drums; JR, cello, violin]: New feet (02.36); Vienna 1985
  12. Jo 'Doc' Rosenberg, violin: The Ashes (02.58)
  13. JR, cello; Elliott Sharp, guitar; Wayne Horvitz, keyboards: a) No ball; b) Hendrix declares; c) Parker in the gulley (02.22); New York City 1986
  14. JR, piano; David Moss, percussion, electronics, voice: Billy Bong (Bang) for six (02.38); Wuppertal 1985
  15. JR, 19-string cello; Shelley Hirsch, voice: Fine leg (3 extracts) (04.37); New York City 1986
  16. Dense Band: Shuffle (01.10); Vienna 1985
Front cover photograph (reproduced above), Jon Rose with 3 mutated violins, prior to Relative Band Cricket Match at The Performance Space, Sydney 1986, by Stuart MacGladrie.

Released on LP only.

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