Kontrans 844 Baba-oemf: six sound poems

Hugo Ball

Jaap Blonk, voice; Bart van der Putten, alto saxophone; Pieter Meurs, double bass.

  1. Wolken (Clouds) (07.42)
  2. Katzen und pfauen(Cats and peacocks) (05.01)
  3. Karawane (Caravan) (06.01)
  4. Gadji beri bimba (06.19)
  5. Totenklage (Dirge) (14.07)
  6. Seepferdchen und flugfische (seahorse and flying fisch) (10.32)
Recorded 11 May 1989 at the BIMhuis, Amsterdam.

Graphic design and photograph (reproduced above) by Arthur Nieuwenhuijs.

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