Golden Years of New Jazz GY1 The Sun Ra Arkestra meets Salah Ragab in Egypt

Sun Ra Arkestra/Cairo Jazz Band/Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble

Sun Ra Arkestra tracks 1, 2 and 3: Sun Ra, keyboards, organ, Hohner melodica; Salah Ragab, congas, drums; Marshall Allen, alto saxophone, flute, kora, percussion; Eloe Omoe, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion; John Gilmore, tenor saxophone, percussion; James Jackson, bassoon, Egyptian infinity drum, percussion; Danny Thompson, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, percussion; Tyrone Hill, trombone (tracks 1, 2); Ronnie Brown, trumpet, percussion (track 3); Eric Walker, drums (tracks 1, 2); Chris Henderson, drums (tracks 1, 2); Claude Broche, drums (tracks 1, 2); unidentified, bass (tracks 1, 2); Rollo Radford, bass, percussion (track 3); Clifford Jarvis, drums (track 3); Matthew Brown, congas (track 3); Myriam Broche, dance (track 3); Gregory P. Pratt, dance (track 3).

Cairo Jazz Band (tracks 4 and 6).
Salah Ragab, drums; Toto Abdel Hamid, nay flute; Zaky Osman, piccolo; Khamis El Khouly, piano; Esmat Abbas, bass (track 5).
Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble (track 7).

  1. Egypt strut (06.40)
  2. Dawn (12.14)
  3. Watusa (18.15),
  4. Ramadan (04.18)
  5. Oriental mood (04.47)
  6. A farewell theme (10.02)
  7. Music for Angela Davis (13.00)
Tracks 1, 2 recorded at El Nahar Studio, Cairo/Heliopolis in May 1983; track 3 recorded at Il Capo Jazz Club, Cairo/Zamalek on 13 January 1984; tracks 4, 6 recorded between 1972 and 1974; track 5 recorded 1974/75; track 7 recorded at Nile Hall, Cairo on 14 February 1971.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Lora Denis; photograph courtesy Hartmut Geerken.

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