Golden Years of New Jazz GY24 What planet is this?

Sun Ra and his Space Arkestra

Sun Ra, piano, mini-moog, organ, declamation; Marshall Allen, alto saxophone, oboe, flute, percussion, cowbell, voice; Eloe Omoe, bassoon, bass clarinet, percussion, voice; John Gilmore, tenor saxophone, percussion, voice; Danny Davis, alto saxophone, flute, percussion, voice; Larry Northington, alto saxophone, percussion, voice; Danny Ray Thompson, baritone saxophone, flute, percussion, voice; Pat Laurdine Patrick, baritone saxophone, eb, voice; James Jacson, bassoon, flute, percussion, voice; Akh Tal Ebah, trumpet, flugelhorn, megaphone, percussion, voice; Kwame Hadi, trumpet, percussion, voice; Dick Griffin, trombone, percussion, voice; Charles Stephens, trombone, percussion, voice; Hakim Jami, tuba, percussion; Alzo Wright, cello, percussion; Lex Humphries, drums; Aye Aton, drums; Atakatune, congas, tympani; Ronnie Boykins, bass; Odun, congas; Harry Richards, percussion; June Tyson, vocal, declamation, percussion, dance; Judith Holton, vocal, dance; Ruth Wright, vocal, dance; Cheryl Banks, vocal, dance.

    Disc 1
  1. Untitled improvisation (05.30)
  2. Astro black (03.04)
  3. Discipline 27 (07.29)
  4. Untitled improvisation (28.18)
  5. Space is the place (10.27)
  6. Enlightenment (03.39)
  7. Love in outer space (10.29)
    Disc 2
  1. The shadow world (20.42)
  2. Watusa, Egyptian march (08.54)
  3. Discipline 27-II/What planet is this?/The universe sent me to converse with you/My brother the sun (17.39)
Recorded live in New York on 6 July 1973.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Lora Denis; photograph from the Waitawhile Sun Ra Archive, vol. 1.

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