Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz GY 405/408 Volume II

Vladimir Rezitsky/Jazz Group Arkhangelsk: Orkestrion: Mikhail Chekalin: Petras Vysniauskas

    GY 405: Vladimir Rezitsky/Jazz Group Arkhangelsk
    Jazz Group Arkhangelsk: Vladimir Rezitsky, saxophones, voice; Vladimir Turov, piano, trumpet, small instruments, voice; Nikolai Klishin, bass, voice; Oleg Udanov, drums, voice; Nikolai Udanov, percussion, small instruments, voice + on track 2: Sainkho Namchylak, voice; Sergey Manukyan, voice; Vladimir Tarasov, drums; Ken Hyder, drums, voice; Dror Feller, drums; Vladimir Volkov, bass; Roberto Bellatalla, bass; Heinz-Erich Godecke, trombone; Vladimir Popov, trumpet; Hans Schutler, piano; Ensemble Kamerata Minsk; String Quartet Arkangelsk; dance ensemble by Eugene Bogomolov. Recorded at Jazz Days Festival, Arkhangelsk, 1992.
  1. Vibrating planet (37.38)
  2. Jazz Group Arkhangelsk and friends (37.16)
    GY 406: Orkestrion
    Ravil Azizov, clarinet, trombone, bass, violin, piano, voice, flute, handsaw, prerecorded tape, percussion, live electronics; Sergey Karsayev, voice, gongs, percussion, tubaphone, cymbals, radio recitation; Sergey Matyukhin, acoustic and electric guitars, trumpet, percussion (track 1); Alexander Sauro, xylorimba, campanelli, woodblock, temple-blocks, harmonica, gongs, voice, drums (track 1); Alexey Belitchenko, drums, percussion (track 1); Elena Chashchina, voice (track 1); Vyacheslav Mishin, drums, resonators, piano, bells (tracks 2-4).
  1. Suite for Zakanalka (31.07); recorded May-June 1990 in Volgograd.
  2. Suite Garden-Prayer-Abyss: Garden (15.30)
  3. Suite Garden-Prayer-Abyss: Prayer (06.57)
  4. Suite Garden-Prayer-Abyss: Abyss (15.00); all recorded September 1987 in Volgograd.
    GY 407: Mikhail Chekalin
    Mikhail Chekalin, synthesizer, voice, piano; Sergey Trofimov, electric guitar; Valery Zhilin, drums; Yuri Belenko, saxophones. Recorded 21 May 1994 live at the theatre Sovremennik, Moscow.
    Probability symphony in the style of jazz in five parts for four players
  1. Part 1 (08.32)
  2. Part 2 (22.42)
  3. Part 3 (05.12)
  4. Part 4 (23.17)
  5. Part 5 (06.01)
    GY 408: Petras Vysniauskas
    Petras Vysniauskas, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone; Faustas Latenas, Yamaha DX7 (track 1); Vyacheslav Ganelin, piano, casio MT65, Roland JX-3P, Dr Rhythm Graphic, Dr 110 Boss (track 2); Grigory Talas, electric guitar, strings, percussion (track 2).
  1. Albino's movements (38.52); recorded January 1988 in Vilnius.
  2. Inverso (37.32); recorded end of 1984.
Front cover collage (reproduced above) by S. Karsaev; design by Lora Denis.

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