Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz GY 413/416 Volume IV

Vyacheslav Ganelin/Vladimir Chekasin/Vladimir Tarasov

    GY 413: Vyacheslav Ganelin; Ganelin/Chekasin
    Vyacheslav Ganelin
    Vyacheslav Ganelin, solo piano.
  1. Con amore (34.53); recorded in Leningrad on 10 February 1986

    Vyacheslav Ganelin, piano, guitar (arco), bassett, tamburin, castagnetti, campanelli, piatti, tom-tom; Vladimir Chekasin, alto saxophone, violin, clarinet, flute, maracas, snake drum, hi-hat.
  2. Home music making (42.49); recorded in Moscow in December 1980
    GY 414: Tarasov/Chekasin; Ganelin/Tarasov
  1. 1 + 1 = 3 Live in Le Mans (44.28); recorded in Abbey de L'epau, Le Mans on 3 May 1987

  2. Simile (32.50); recorded in Riga in spring 1985

    GY 415: The Vladimir Chekasin Quartet/The Chekasin/Vysniauskas Quintet
    The Vladimir Chekasin Quartet
  1. Anti show: sketches of everyday life (54.25); recorded at the 10th International Jazz Festival, Munster on 19 June 1988 at Halle Munsterland
    Vladimir Chekasin, saxophones, synthesizer, percussion; Oleg Molokoedov, piano, synthesizer, trumpet, percussion; Vitas Labutis, saxophones, synthesizer; Joffe Arvidas, drums, percussion.

    The Chekasin/Vysniauskas Quintet
  2. We love jazz standards (06.18); recording date and location unknown
    Vladimir Chekasin, saxophones; Petras Vysniauskas, saxophones; Oleg Molokoedov, piano.
    GY 416: The Ganelin Trio
    Vyacheslav Ganelin, piano, organ, basset, electric guitar, trumpet, percussion; Vladimir Tarasov, drums, talking drum, flexatone, trumpet, flute, bells, percussion; Vladimir Chekasin, saxophones, double alto saxophone, tromobone, flute, violin, whistle, percussion.
  1. Vide (40.46)
  2. Baltic triangle (25.18)
  3. Umtza-umtza (08.56)
    Track 1 recorded live in Moscow on 27 August 1981; tracks 2 and 3 recorded live in Lenningrad on 15 November 1981.
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