Leo Lab CD 051 Screwdriver!

Walter Horn/Gary Kendig/Hugh Dickey

Walter Horn, keyboards, little instruments; Gary Kendig/, drums, trumpet, little instruments; Hugh Dickey, guitar, clarinet, voice, little instruments; Eric Hipp, tenor saxophone (track3).

  1. Chainsaw at Sousa's funeral (15.53)
  2. Containment apron (09.34)
  3. Hurricane Elroy (19.37)
  4. Sushi lounge (03.20)
  5. Ambulance and gas provided by Mutilation Bros., Inc. (10.19)
  6. Welcome to the lonely village (06.19)
  7. Screwdriver! (09.50)
Recorded 1991-1993. Design (front cover reproduced above) by Gary Kendig.
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