Leo Lab CD 060 Both kinds of music

Misha Feigin

Misha Feigin, balalaika, classical guitar, in duo with: Elliot Sharp, dobro; Davey Williams, electric guitar; LaDonna Smith, violin, dancing on a wooden box; Craig Hultgren, cello; Eugene Chadbourne, banjo, guitar.

  1. Both kinds of music [ES] (12.02)
  2. Balalaikofrenia [DW + LS] (04.29)
  3. Moondance [CH] (09.39)
  4. Zohar cafe blues [ES] (03.46)
  5. BBQ-powered mission to outer space [DW] (11.37)
  6. String theory revisited [LS] (11.54)
  7. A meter violation [EC] (16.27)
Recorded 1998. Front cover collage (reproduced above) by Misha Feigin.
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