Leo Lab 068 The seeker

Aardvark Jazz Orchestra

Mark Harvey, music director, conductor, bass, piano; Arni Cheatham, reeds; Peter Bloom, reeds; Phil Scarff, reeds; Daniel Ian Smith, reeds; Dan Bosshardt, reeds; Brad Jones, reeds; K.C. Dunbar, trumpet; Jeanne Snodgrass, trumpet; Greg Kelley, trumpet; Taylor Ho-Bynum, trumpet; Bob Pilkington, trombone; Russell Jewell, trombone; Jay Keyser, trombone; Jeff Marsanskis, bass trombone/tuba; Bill Lowe, bass trombone/tuba; Richard Nelson, guitar; Jesse Williams, bass; John Funkhouser, bass, piano; Jerry Edwards, electric bass; Harry Wellott, drums; Craig Ellis, percussion.

  1. The seeker (18.10)
  2. Heartsong (09.26)
  3. Passages/Psalms IV (39.02)
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Cover art (front cover reproduced above) by Kate Matson.

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