Leo CD LR 106 Encores

The Ganelin Trio

Vyacheslav Ganelin, piano, bassett, percussion, electric guitar; Vladimir Tarasov, drums, percussion, bells; Vladimir Chekasin, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, wooden flute, clarinet, bassett-horn, okarina, pipes, percussion, voice.

    Live in Moscow
  1. It's too good to be jazz (03.36)
  2. Who is afraid of Anthony Braxton (11.36)
  3. Swan cake (03.33)
  4. Catch 33 (09.44)
  5. Simple pleasures (02.30)
  6. Just a pretty fade (01.51)
  7. Live in West Berlin
  8. Umtza-Umtza (08.21)
  9. Live in Leningrad
  10. Mack the knife (04.56)
  11. Summer time (04.47)
  12. Umtza-Umtza (08.57)
Live in Moscow was recorded on 15 June 1978; Live in West Berlin was recorded on 29 October 1980; Live in Leningrad was recorded on 15 November 1981 Front cover painting (reproduced above) We love the Ganelin Trio by Eduard Gorokhovsky.
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