Leo CD LR 241 Elements

Michael Jefry Stevens/Dominic Duval Quintet

Michael Jefry Stevens, piano; Dominic Duval, bass; Dom Minasi guitar; Jay Rosen, drums; Mark Whitecage, alto and soprano saxophone.

Air (05.45), Earth (05.32), Earth II (03.55), Water/earth (02.10), Air II (01.34), Fire (02.53), Air/Water (03.24), Fire II (02.17), Water (02.55), Air III (02.26), Water/Air (01.53), Coda (resist) (11.47), Epilogue (03.24).

Recorded on 24 March 1994 at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) Visions of the child in the man by Nyna Cropas.

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