Leo CD LR 260 Evolution

The Fonda/Stevens Group

Joe Fonda, bass; Michael Jefry Stevens, piano; Herb Robinson, trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn; Harvey Sorgen, drums; Mark Whitecage, alto saxophone, clarinet.

  1. In the Whitecage (15.56)
  2. 2nd time around (07.40)
  3. From the source (09.16)
  4. Strayhorn (08.30)
  5. Birdtalk (13.23)
  6. Song for my mother (12.42)
Tracks 1 to 4 recorded on 25 April 1997 at DeWert, Brugge, Belgium; track 5 recorded on 21 April 1997 at Cafe Wilhelmina, Eindhoven, The Netherlands; track 6 recorded on 30 October 1997 at Jazz Club Karlsruhe, Germany.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) The UniLuminati by Jose Luis Sa'nchez Rull.

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