Leo LR 265 Living alive

Stefano Maltese Open Sound Ensemble

Stefano Maltese, soprano and alto saxophones, bass clarinet; Arkady Shilkloper, French horn, fluegelhorn; Sophia Domancich, piano; Paul Rogers, 5-string bass; Antonio Moncada, drums, percussion; Gioconda Cilio, voice.

  1. Words - two colours (19.20)
  2. Les jours et les reves (10.29)
  3. Dentro Il vetro (07.32)
  4. Frogs in June (11.52)
  5. Crossing stars (05.35)
  6. Unreal city (13.41)
  7. Wide eyes kissing (04.28)
  8. Cos'è che ti fa andare così/Django (09.02)
Recorded at La Nuova Ciminiera Studio, Catania on 8 and 9 September 1998.

Front cover collage (reproduced above) based on L. Popova's painting Italian still life, 1914; design/artwork by Lora Denis.

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