Leo LR 272 Wake up call (live in Italy)

Pago Libre

Tscho Theissing, violin, voice; Arkady Shilkloper, french horn, flugelhorn; John Wolf Brennan, piano, melodica; Daniele Patumi, double bass.

  1. Wake up call (11.30)
  2. Tupti-kulai (05.35)
  3. African blossom (05.14)
  4. Toccattacca: i) Attacca; ii) Fugato; iii) Sostenuto (16.36)
  5. Folk song (03.37)
  6. Synopsis (07.29)
  7. Kabak (09.18)
  8. Kobra (10.20)
Recorded on 28 September 1997 at the Sol Fest Festival, Chiostro dell Badia, Lentini, Sicily.

Cover painting (reproduced above) by Thomas Lüchinger; artwork by Lora Denis.

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