Leo LR 273 Hallucinations: music and words for William S. Burroughs

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall, tenor and soprano saxophones, bass flute, bass clarinet, electronics, samples, processing, voices; Roswell Rudd, trombones; Handslang (Nilan Perara, guitar; John Lennard, drums; Rob Clutton, bass); Barry Elmes, drums; John Gzowski, guitar, oud, soprano guitar, electric dowl; Geordie McDonald, percussion; Judith Merril, voice; Allan Molnar, vibes, marimba, tapes; Kim Ratcliffe, guitar, slide, banjo; Don Thompson, bass, piano.

  1. Alamout (04.28)
  2. Hallucinations (05.15)
  3. Cut-up (08.56)
  4. Grey fingers (02.25)
  5. Splintered carnival (06.26)
  6. Photo falling, word falling (05.13)
  7. El hombre invisible (05.08)
  8. The book of the dead (04.28)
  9. The blue desert of silence (02.54)
  10. A few questions (05.02)
  11. The ant hill (06.41)
  12. Uranian Willy (He wised up the marks) (08.46)
  13. Wild boys (02.23)
  14. Virus powers (The book of the word) (05.17)
Recorded 28 February to 2 March 1997 at Music Gallery, Toronto and at Stimulus/Response.

Front cover photograph and artwork (reproduced above) by Christian Aebi.

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