Leo LR 279 Under the pyramid

Dominic Duval/The C.T. String Quartet

Dominic Duval, bass; Tomas Ulrich, cello; Jason Hwang, violin; Ron Lawrence, viola.

  1. The Mayan (The worriers) (03.12)
  2. U-bah (She performs) (04.47)
  3. Na kuba kai (Her name is Moon God) (09.43)
  4. Mi kuba (His name) (05.56)
  5. Adi (It has come to pass) (05.29)
  6. U cham (She lets) (05.10)
  7. U bah (He goes) (04.27)
  8. Mi kuba na (His name is she) (14.20)
  9. Ti ak ot (Dancing) (01.21)
  10. Ti hasaw-chan (With a flag we wave good bye to the past and welcome the future) (09.40)
Recorded on June 1999 at The Place, New York.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Dominic Duval; design and artwork by Lora Denis.

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