Leo LR 281/Bahia Music CDB 058 The other shore (various compositions 1992-97)

Tibor Szemzö

Tibor Szemzö, flutes, drum computer, sound installation (Revox G36 tube tape recorder, four Orion AR 612 Pacsirta tube radios); Laszlo Hortobágyi, synthesizer (track 3); the birds of Comecon (tracks 2, 3).
  1. The other shore [1997] (20.02); performed by the Gordian Knot Company with Tibor Szemzö, conductor, bass flute
  2. Symultan [1995/96] (18.51); performed by the Szatmárcseke Gypsy community with Tibor Szemzö, sound devices, bass flute
  3. Gull [1992] (16.40); performed by The Moyzes Quartet
Track 1 recorded on 17 December 1997 at HEAR Studio; track 2 recorded 1995/1996; track 3 recorded on 20 November 1998 at Hungarian Radio Studios.

Cover photographs (reproduced above) from the films The other shore and The bench by Tibor Szemzö.

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