Leo LR 288 Bridge over the X-stream

Steve Cohn

Steve Cohn, piano, shakuhachi, hichiriki, shofar, percussion; Reggie Workman, bass; Jason Hwang, violin; Tom Varner, french horn.

  1. In the well of value (05.26)
  2. Don't sit down if you can't stand up (05.50)
  3. Where my advantages can be advanced (12.23)
  4. Give me the bowl of oatmeal (17.18)
  5. Mommy, Daddy took the cake out (12.37)
  6. Don't stand up if you can't sit down (06.33)
Recorded on 4 January 1999 at the Main Space, Knitting Factory, New York.

Front cover x-ray (reproduced above) by Dr Demetri Meimaris.

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