Leo LR 290 Ta lam zehn: Vancouver concert

Gebhard Ullmann

Hinrich Beermann, baritone saxophone; Daniel Erdmann, soprano and tenor saxophone; Thomas Klemm, tenor saxophone, wooden flute; Jürgen Kupke, clarinet; Joachim Litty, alto and bass clarinet; alto saxophone; Theo Nabicht, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone; Heiner Reinhardt, bass clarinet; Volker Schlott, alto and soprano saxophones, wooden flute; Gebhard Ullman, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, wooden flute; Hans Hassler, accordion.

  1. Think tank (04.59)
  2. Tapping the foot, tapping the brain (06.13)
  3. Speak low (04.57)
  4. Oberschöneweide (06.06)
  5. Black cat (04.54)
  6. Blue prixx (intro) (03.15)
  7. Blue prixx (theme) (05.54)
  8. Ta lam (08.56)
  9. D. nee no (04.29)
  10. Heaven no. 2.4 (again) (04.45)
  11. Die Moritat von Mackie Messer (08.27)
Recorded on 22 June 1998 at thee du Maurier International Jazz Festival, Vancouver.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Hans Hassler.

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