Leo LR 296 Momentum 2: the law of refraction

John Wolf Brennan/Gene Coleman/Christian Wolfarth/Alfred Zimmerlin

John Wolf Brennan, piano, prepared piano; Gene Coleman, bass clarinet; Christian Wolfarth, drums; Alfred Zimmerlin, cello.

  1. Instantaneous velocity (03.57)
  2. Standing wave (09.27)
  3. Elastic collision (05.03)
  4. Simple harmonic motion (06.51)
  5. Force on a moving charge (05.22)
  6. Torque on a current loop (08.33)
  7. Constructive interference (04.58)
  8. Relativistic momentum (08.33)
Recorded on 28 October 1999 at HARD Studios, Winterthur.

Front cover photograph and artwork (reproduced above) by Christian Aebi.

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