Leo LR 316 Asylem

Dominic Duval

Dominic Duval, bass, electronics, acoustical application; Herb Robertson, trumpet, voice, whistle, flute harp; Bob Hovey, trombone, turntable, voice, foreign language; Jay Rosen, drums, percussion, bells, whistle, shark, egg beater.

  1. Shadow 1 (07.42)
  2. Shadow 2 (04.59)
  3. Shadow 3 (05.27)
  4. The nightmare (08.28)
  5. Rectal parasites (07.57)
  6. Lullaby (10.07)
  7. Another fucking jazz quartet (16.34)
Recorded at Fifth House Studios, Brooklyn, New York, nd.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Lora Denis.

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