Leo LR 333 The gay avantgarde

Not missing drums project

Ute Döring, mezzo-soprano; Alex Nowitz, voice, electronics; Matthias Bauer, spoken texts, voice, double bass; Jörg Huke, trombone; Joachim Gies, alto and tenor saxophones, keyboards; Thomas Böhm-Christl, cello, keyboards, sound direction (prerecorded elements).

  1. The meaning of metre (11.26)
  2. By means of music (03.57)
  3. Song of a theocritical goatherd (02.35)
  4. Limits of our hearing (05.15)
  5. The penultimate avantgarde (03.56)
  6. Joke, cunning and revenge (09.12)
  7. Phase blue (01.37)
  8. Darkness and music (05.15)
  9. Pious Beppa (04.07)
  10. Musical basics (08.15)
Recorded at Schalloran Tonstudio, Berlin.

Front cover (reproduced above) photograph by Hans Wittersheim; design by Anna Dzendzel.

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