Leo LR 336 Ceol nua

Matthew Welch

Matthew Welch, bagpipes, soprano saxophone; Janacek Concervatory Orchestra (track 1); Rees Archibald, soprano saxophone (track 3); Jackson Moore, alto saxophone (track 3); Steve Lehman, alto saxophone (track 3); Chris Jonas, tenor saxophone (track 3); Richard A. McGhee III, tenor saxophone (track 3); Jahi Lake, baritone saxophone (track 3); Justin Yang, baritone saxophone (track 3); Tyondai Braxton, electric guitar (track 3); Kevin O'Neill, electric guitar (track 3); Charlie Looker, electric guitar (track 3); Alex Kennedy-Grant, electric guitar (track 3); Jonathan Zorn, bass (track 3); Nat Baldwin, bass (track 3); Paul Vaillancourt, percussion (track 3).
  1. Cherede otroenhe for bagpipe and orchestra, opus 46 (12.14); recorded on 1 September 2001 in Ostrava, Czech Republic
  2. Traversing Mad-hatten, opus 27 (04.33); recorded on 3 May 2001 at Weslyan University
  3. Symphony of drones, opus 44 (39.00); recorded on 3 May 2001 at Weslyan University
Cover picture (reproduced above) from the Book of Kells; design by Lora Denis.

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