Leo CD LR 342 The minimum programme of humanity

The remote viewers

Adrian Northover, soprano saxophone; Louise Petts, alto saxophone, voice, electronics; David Petts, tenor saxophone, electronics.
  1. Travelling in a comfortable car (04.54)
  2. The leavetaking (03.46)
  3. Changing the wheel (05.05)
  4. Once (07.47)
  5. The learner (05.16)
  6. Early on I learned (06.07)
  7. Great times, wasted (03.54)
  8. Brecht's Gothic tale (12.09)
  9. And I always thought (02.51)
Recorded November/December 2001 at the Petts Studio.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Louise Petts; photograph by Gordon Ayres.

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