Leo LR 3561 South of no North

Tibor Szemzö

The Gordian Knot Company: Tibor Szemzö, voice, 8mm-phone, flutes; Péter Magyar Összekötö, drums, percussion; Ildi Fodor, female voice, violin; Laca Kéringer, male voice, violin; Mihály Haszár, acoustic bass, electric bass; Kinga Székely, prepared piano; Alois Samson, reeds, saxophone; Ernst Hirschberg, keyboards, samplers; Éva Posvanecz, viola, violin, voice.
  1. South of no North (07.10)
  2. Beuys (04.23)
  3. 17 (06.57)
  4. Like Kaylash (05.23)
  5. Edmond & Valdrim (04.21)
  6. The poppy one (06.47)
  7. J.A.S. (05.17)
  8. Gilt edge (04.50)
  9. Space (05.34)
  10. On the sly (04.42)

    One MPEG video track for PC and Mac:
  11. The old house (03.48)
Recorded at ZAK Studio and Podium Studio, Budapest, and HSB Studio, Dunakeszi, 2-16 October 2000.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by TOLERANCE.

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